Welcome! This page includes videos to support you in learning about LEGEND as well as witnessing paintings and experiences from our Graduates. We invite you to peruse the videos as inspired. You can also explore this site by navigating the menu bar or visit our Invitation Page

Your Invitation to Legend

'Pass the Paintbrush'

Collaborative project by the Intentional Creativity Guild

Watch this video and witness graduates of the Legend Course "pass the paintbrush" as they invite more Legendary Women to say YES to their own Legend journey.

'Crafting a New Story'

With Shiloh Sophia

A reading from the Red Thread Cafe as Shiloh Sophia reminds us to claim a new story for our future that isn't based on the hardest parts of our past. Inviting us to say YES to the great adventure!

'I Am Legendary Series'

Graduates share about their personal journey with Legend in our mini-interview series broadcast every Wednesday at 3pm PT in our community Facebook group, known as the Red Thread Cafe Classroom. RSVP for the complimentary series here: www.musea.org/legendary

Session 1

Featuring Intentional Creativity Teacher, Uma Mulnick

Session 2

Featuring Intentional Creativity Teacher,

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates

Session 3

Featuring Color of Woman Student in Training,

Carol Ann Graham

Session 4

Featuring Intentional Creativity Teacher,

Milagros Suriano-Rivera