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Are you ready to come aboard our Cosmic Voyage?

All New LEGEND Curriculum

On our Shero's Journey, you will learn and receive a combination of mysterious and practical experience including:

  • All new approach to Shero's Journey through a feminine perspective
  • How Metacognitive Creativity can enhance the gifts of intuition
  • Pathways to your internal connection to the voice of your soul
  • A Neuroscientific Somatic approach to working with changing embedded beliefs
  • Red Thread Vow of Connection with other women that you can share with your community
  • The science behind Intentional Creativity and why it works to shape new beliefs
  • Intentional Creativity Painting of your Legendary Self - The 13-step process
  • 8 Core Teachings from Reclamation to Liberation as you create
  • Invitation to shape a new story for your life and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Weekly Community Zoom calls on Thursdays (at either 12pm or 4pm PT). They are optional and will be recorded.
  • Black, Indigenous and Women of Color Zoom Circle
  • Private iMusea app for your circle to connect with your co-hort
  • Art Doctoring from Milagros Suriano-Rivera and creative process
  • Guidance from trish o'malley for the experience
  • Story-writing teaching from Mary MacDonald
  • Visual Journaling with Jenafer C. Owen

    PLUS if you plan to take
    Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training or you want to teach LEGEND someday, this is YOUR CHANCE!

image taken during filming for Legend

Youth 13+

Moms and Grandma's often ask for a course for youth. While Shiloh Sophia used to work with teens on a more regular basis in person, she has never offered a course for youth virtually. So those of you with girls at home who are interested in painting and story-writing, invite them to come along. It is two for the price of one. All the women in your family could do this with you. While the material does work with adult themes, by the time girls turn 13 they are already deep into negative imaging regarding who they are. Legend will invite girls to CLAIM THEIR VOICE and THEIR IDENTITY.

Julia, Shiloh and Katie in Sonoma 2018 at the Cosmc Cowgirls Gathering. Both girls have been painting with Shiloh and their mother Katherine Witteman since 2009. And Katie was the youngest person to graduate from Color of Woman.

Overall plan for our time together!

We know your left-brain logical side wants details to plan and prepare. We also love a bit of mystery to appease the right side of your brain - where the Muse resides...

We started August 1st and will journey together for 6 weeks through mid-September. There is still time for you to join us now and get started. Any videos shared thus far are provided to you immediately upon registration and you can go at your own pace.

The painting process is delivered via downloadable video. We will have weekly zoom calls to connect and share our process, and you will have the opportunity to connect in our private iMusea App where you can interact with fellow students and receive support and witnessing from Intentional Creativity® Teachers who have walked the Legend path before you.

We suggest booking 2-3 hours per week in your studio to stay on pace and finish within the 6 weeks. Committing to completing on time is especially important for those who plan to apply for the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training which begins October 1st, 2021.


Teachings from Liberation to Reclamation through Intentional Creativity®

You will be guided in a step-by-step 13 Part Intentional Creativity® Painting process and accessing Core Teachings woven with the painting process. Ultimately it is your voice you will follow and listen to. You have all the information you need - we are here to show you the HOW. The WHAT is up to YOU and will come through YOU.


















"Creativity is the inherent birthright of every single human being, without it, we are half asleep. Creativity makes the interior, move to the exterior, and that in return shapes the interior again, it is a cycle of learning one’s self. Everyone is using it all the time, but if you don’t know you are, then it doesn’t work the same. And if you know you are, you can bring intention. And if you bring intention, you change, the art changes, and all of us are changed."

- Shiloh Sophia

What Materials do you need?


  • A minimum 30" x 40" canvas or larger
  • Variety of acrylic paint colors
  • Spray bottle
  • Brushes
  • Pen & Paper

A complete materials list will be provided once you register.

This photo is from Shiloh Sophia beginning the Legend process in her backyard forest in Napa California


  • A ball of Red Thread is good to have and feel that weave of cosmic connection between us.
  • Chocolate for the Muse
  • A magical painting smock
  • An easel or big wall
  • Shiloh Sophia's magic big sash brush will be encouraged to make those big bold strokes!

If you haven't painted this way before, we have a step by step approach that still offers plenty of freedom.

If you have already created paintings this way, welcome back!

Either way, bring your energy and information forward into the future.

Through our brush and pen, there will be a revealing of dance between the worlds of invisible and visible. Working deeply with self-inquiry to stir that mystic self through intuition and gnosis.

About the Technology We Use

Zoom Video Conferencing

We are grateful to come together on Zoom for an interactive and intimate experience. Our intention with this course is that you feel your part and connection to the weave we will create together along the red thread, no matter where you live in the world. During times of challenge, and times of celebration, Intentional Creativity® with like-hearted women creatives can be a much-needed solace from the outside world, to tune into your inner world.

iMusea App

You are invited to share your process and progress as you go along in our private Legend Classroom, housed in the iMusea app (accessible via mobile and desktop devices).

There will be 6 weeks of dedicated support from Intentional Creativity® Teachers for guidance and witnessing. This is our community space off Facebook where you can feel held in our circle of women creatives.

How this Course will be Delivered?

As long as you book the time on your calendar and commit to showing up like it MATTERS, then your flow will be right on time.

This course utilizes a combination of live and recorded material delivered via four different platforms:

  • Weekly content delivery
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Pre-recorded Videos - for self-paced learning
  • Private Legend classroom in the iMusea app -
    social sharing channel with support
  • A Course Website "Dashboard" - which serves as our container for relaying everything related to this course.
  • Regular emails to remind you of what is happening!

A Curriculum Drawing on the LEGEND Teachings

Shiloh Sophia painting in the 2020 Legend

Overview of what Jena will Teach

Jenafer Joy has been working with Intentional Creativity and alongside Shiloh Sophia for over 11 years.  In addition to delivering and directing the major Intentional Creativity courses, Jena regularly contributes her powerful journaling practices to support in deepening and integrating the presented materials. As one student said "Jena's journaling is the honey that makes the medicine go down!" With her playful, surprise driven style Jena brings home the concepts in the course.  If you haven't experienced her approach, you will be delighted by the unexpected epiphanies that result from the quick pointed instructions! Jena will be guiding a journal portion of Legend - amplifying your painting and writing work.

Take a peek at a past journal prompt to get a feel: