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Mystic Template by Shiloh Sophia
Demonstration Painting LEGEND 2020



A MUSEA: Intentional Creativity® Course
Join us for a creative adventure!
Upon registration receive instant access to get started.

Painting support is available now through September 10th, 2021
Delivered Online
Guided by Artist & Teacher, Shiloh Sophia

LEGEND is the prerequisite course for the Color of Woman Teacher Certification Training
enrollment is open now, with the first day of the training on October 1st, 2021.

Where your path to a chosen personal breakthrough is hidden no more!

When you experience designing your own LEGEND you will have access to the thing all women truly desire - ACCESS TO YOUR OWN VOICE

Have you ever sensed that there is a new paradigm to walk into because the current one isn't rocking your world anymore? - well, step into a new LEGEND.

What you create will have a life-changing impact, expanding your mind, heart and ability to express your true self!

Register to begin your LEGEND life-changing journey

We are offering a 100% Moneyback Guarantee so there is no risk other than the reality that you will not be able to look at your story in the same way ever again!

Our LEGEND graduates are saying ...

A transformational self-initiation that every woman should experience in her lifetime.

A major life-shifting event that has the power to change how you see everything in your life.

A ritualistic journey into the heart of the feminine story that reveals the hidden truths you have been seeking.

These kinds of results are not because we are so badass at big breakthroughs, but because YOU ARE! - what you learn can be used for the rest of your life. Having facilitated LIVE experiences with tens of thousands of women for over twenty years, we are confident that it works. And yes there is a step-by-step pathway that works every time we show up for the journey, and we will show you how...

Dare to be a legend in your own time!

Watch a sneak peek video as Shiloh Sophia prepares to film LEGEND from her home, "Heartwood Resort" in Napa CA


This introductory yet life-changing class is based on brain science, transpersonal psychology, and Intentional Creativity®. LEGEND is designed for absolute beginners to experience a journey that will influence how every woman sees herself, her body, her story, and her archetype.

My name is Shiloh Sophia. I am an Artist, Teacher and have been teaching this class every year since I was 40 years old, it is that important to me and my body or work. This annual event is my offering to the women of the world, and one of the most sacred gifts I know about. I learned it from my own mothers and now I share it with you and you can share it with others.

The way I see it is ... If you don't tell your own story at this point in your life, someone else will do it for you. They already have been and will continue to do so until you say - NO MORE. This is my story to tell.

The LEGEND course shows you HOW to BECOME at cause for your own story.

You may wonder, "Just what kind of an online course could create this experience for me?" Good question.

We have created this entire website so you can explore it for yourself. Many women are scared to try it because they think they don't have what it takes. Yet we are telling you the reality right here: Everyone deserves to have access to painting, storytelling, and a circle of supportive women to guide you along the path and keep you company.

Shiloh Sophia is the visionary founder of MUSEA: Intentional Creativity Museum and COSMIC COWGIRLS and THE LEGEND COURSE. Here she is on her 51st birthday in June getting ready for the museum opening for the first time in 1.5 years. This is MUSEA her physical museum and classroom space in Sonoma, California.

Consider LEGEND as your Shero Journey to the Heart of What Matters to YOU!

An adventure from Reclamation to Liberation is calling you to join us.

Watch this special video with Graduates of LEGEND who are passing the paintbrush to YOU as an invitation to claim your own life as LEGENDARY!

This course begins with a virtual global gathering with over 100 women throughout the world. To create this experience we use an approach to art-making called Intentional Creativity®. Basically, it means you make what you make with love and intention - but it becomes magical as you begin to explore. You will be able to paint a painting and write a story through intuition and a guided process that will knock your socks off!!

Really, you won't believe your eyes and ears because you will amaze yourself. Consider this a chance to be amazing and daring in a brand new way.

Scary and risky? Yes. Worth it? Every time.

The course started on August 1st and goes for 6 Weeks through mid-September. You can join us now and get instant access to any videos we've shared thus far. There is time to prepare your home studio and join us!

Don't worry if you are too busy because this course is designed to accommodate your schedule with a lot of support from MUSEA staff. You will have access to ~ 16 hours of video over the 6 weeks (which equates to roughly 3 days to watch them all should you choose). Can you spare about twenty hours of your life to create something that will change how you see yourself? Change how you interact with your voice within? Change how you show up for what matters to you?

All the images and words you need are already inside. We will be here with the PATHWAY to find them. The access is granted through outrageous acts of daring - yes - creativity. We will show you how and hold your hand all along the way.

This is what community looks like! Throughout Legend, you are invited to gather with us on zoom to connect with women taking the course along with you to support each other. If you're wondering about the red thread tied around their wrists, it's a symbol of connection and oneness. Women gather from all over the world to paint their Legend. Some are seasoned artists, some are just getting started. All are welcome!

Together we will explore, play, invent and rock our canvases!

Here is what to expect.

  • PAINTING: Experience a 13 step Initiatory painting experience
  • MYTH-MAKING: Create a new story that reflects who you are and who you choose to become
  • TRANSFORMATIONAL: Access a larger-than-life version of yourself
  • RISKY: Brave uncharted territory in your inner world
  • POWER: Shake off old limiting taboos to Find Embodied Insight
  • CONNECTION: Experience the joy and support of the Intentional Creativity® Community of artists

Shiloh Sophia painting her Legend in 2020. Yes, we offer the Legend course every year as our students love creating a painting that expresses the Legend and story they want to call into their life.


Join us to experience the pleasure, the power, the prowess of a woman in possession of her own identity.

Imagine being able to hear your own voice.

Reclaim your own self-image from your own eyes.

Inhabit the joy of feeling and experiencing your body as your own temple

Lean into the wholeness of your entire being, body, field, mind, heart, and soul.

Create a story of you that YOU CURATE.

Are You Called to this Transformational Adventure?!

Are you feeling ready for a change?

You are in the right place.

This is what we are all about!

The revolution begins within. So does the painting.


Great change, in life, doesn't happen through thinking about it over and over. To change things like your worldview, frame of mind, outlook on life takes focus. To reduce stress levels, or to transform challenges into potentials requires that we show up. The greatest power many of us experience is being the author of our own future. By claiming the authority and tools to navigate our story and image, we move into co-creative power and gain access to intuition. This isn't about talent or knowing how to paint. Intentional Creativity® invites you to the hidden world within. What a wondrous world awaits for you to enter. You are invited. You will never regret spending this kind of time on WHO YOU ARE. You deserve it. Truly.

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Over and over our students say things like ...

"One of the highlights of my life"

"Do this for yourself, you will change your story"

"There is no looking back once you take charge of your Legend"

"Legend brings many aspects of healing together in a way that nothing else has. Now I know what to do to transform my pain"

"I was new to painting, only having dabbled before, so it was a stretch and I could not believe what I was able to create."

What Previous LEGEND Students have Created and Shared ...

Evelyne Verret

“Thank you, Shiloh Sophia! Your teachings changed my life many times in the last 9 years. I've done 3 Legends and signed up for VIVID cause I'm ready for the next shift. The last Legend Oracle and Ally was mind-blowing! Many symbols I painted in 2019 for Legend I saw happened in 2020 - I am the Oracle! My consciousness (sub and un- consciousness) already knew what was coming. This experience made me see myself in a new way. Thank you again!"

Painting: I Am The Oracle

Agia Priya Kaur

"Legend urged me to let go of control. I discovered feelings that I didn't know existed in me. I allowed myself to be. And I am still in the process of letting..."

Painting: Bride of Love

Thelia Foster

"Legend was wonderful and well-timed. I delved into the past, received visions of the future, and recorded it in the present. I'm eager to explore deeper and create more. Every woman should have this experience of developing a visual voice. It's not about your skills, those can be developed. It's about opening up to the voices of your higher selves in all their incarnations."

Painting: Earth Immortal

View More Student Artwork and Shares