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Image created by Andrew Johnstone

Inhabit Your Truest Identity
Experience a Rites of Passage
Claim Your Soul Story

Self-Awareness Adventure Happening Now!
Paint and Write your Ancient and Futuristic Archetype
and Experience Intentional Creativity® Sacred Teachings

“Who looks out with my eyes? What is the soul? I cannot stop asking. If I could taste one sip of an answer, I could break out of this prison for drunks. I didn’t come here of my own accord, and I can’t leave that way. Whoever brought me here will have to take me home.” Rumi

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What do you get when you combine self-expression, astronomy, storytelling, archeomythology, and a wild bunch of cosmic and earthy souls?


Start with this video!

Paint Yourself into your picture of the future!

Do you sometimes feel like you have lived many lifetimes
or perhaps you even feel like you might be from the future?

Let's bend time and space and discover an archetype that explores
where we have been as humanity
and where we are going in a conscious way.

Cosmic Cowgirls in Collaboration with
MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity®



Astronomer and Muralist, Andrew Johnstone

Mary MacDonald

Mary, Shiloh and Andrew at Musea cooking up big plans for LEGEND 2023

Invoke your Futuristic Archetype

An experience for all identities - men, women, and those who identify in the domain of fluid identity are welcome. A call to access your Truest Voice through Intuitive Journeying, Intentional Creativity and Storytelling through a framework of a wild adventure!

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LEGEND can be taken stand-alone and yet it is also the pre-requisite for the MUSEA UNIVERSITY Certification Trainings - ORIGINS and Color of Woman

It's time to say YES and order your BIG canvas! Upon registration, you'll receive access to your materials list and you can head on to the art store! Let's get your studio all set up and ready to rock!

The LEGEND "Need to Know" Details

WHAT: Intentional Creativity® Course - LEGEND 2023: ARCHEO_FUTURA with Shiloh Sophia and special guests Andrew Johnstone and Mary MacDonald. A Rites of Passage in Paint. The chance of a lifetime to paint yourself into your own s/heroe's journey.

WHEN: You can begin immediately - Everything is recorded and downloadable so you can go at your own pace.

WHO: LEGEND is Open to everyone. Beginner and experienced Artists are welcome! Truly you do not need to know how to paint. The wilder the better!

WHERE: Paint from your home studio anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access and a computer. Connect with us in the iMusea app to share your experience and your work.

WHY: To author your own story and find your own voice through a step-by-step intuitive painting process called the 13 Steps. Love it? Learn to teach it in Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Certification Training.

HOW: This course is a combo of Previously Recorded Livestream Videos and Zoom Calls. For an immersive experience we recommend dedicating 4-5 hours a week.

WOW: You will complete this course with a powerful painting to hang in your home or studio to remind you that you are just LEGENDARY as you are. You could not buy a painting as cool as this for the price of this course.

Warning - this can be life-changing - you may choose to disrupt old patterns and stories to make room for your new Legend to unfold...It isn't always comfortable but always worth it!

TUITION and UNITS: $990 or payments as low as $187/month. We appreciate those who can pay in full but do what you need to do to make this happen. This is a 3 Unit MUSEA University course, $330 per unit. One ticket per household for up to five people.

Guarantee: Money-back guarantee - if you finish the course and it isn't hot stuff - you can write us for a refund.

MATERIALS: Acrylic paint, a Big Ol' Canvas 36X48 or larger, and other painting materials like a spray bottle and a palette of some kind. A detailed list is provided.

No one we know has ever regretted creating an epic painting featuring themselves as the hero of their own journey.

This is our 16th year, over 1000 people have gone through this course. Don't miss it.

Questions? Contact us at 

We know choices like this can be a big decision. A decision to honor yourself and take time revisioning your story. Get a cuppa tea and hang out here for a whle.

As you go through this page, you will find plenty of videos with Shiloh Sophia about the Archeo-Futura Legend experience. If you want a fast track to know whether Legend is right for you, watch these videos with the volume UP!

This first video is about Identity as a Choice and how this is our very first Legend open to all genders - the whole family can join in!

Imagine creating your own hand-painted archetypal presence vs making some AI image. You get to sculpt, color and tell the story of your own Identity.

Andrew, our guest, is part of an exciting discovery regarding our ancient artist ancestors and the information they were carrying over 17000 years ago. Each of us will be painting in relationship to the earth, and stars and finding our place in story and creation.

"A transformational self-initiation that every one should experience in their lifetime." ~ L.S.

Legend 2022 Clan Cura Painting by Shiloh Sophia - The Art Matriarch

LEGEND Schedule - Message for our Students - Please Read

Once you register a full schedule will be provided to you. There are live events throughout the five weeks but you can watch on your own time so there are no schedule conflicts to worry about.

Legend is largely recorded via LIVESTREAM. Livestream is cool because you can watch in real-time or watch later and it is INSTANTLY available to watch. This is real-time energy and FUN to do together. There is no need to wait for the recordings because they are right there as soon as we create them.

We will have a combination of preparatory videos to begin painting BEFORE the first stream opening weekend with Shiloh Sophia and Andrew Johnstone on June 23rd - 25th. There will be a minimum of 5 Livestreams and 7 Live Zoom calls. Come live or watch later.

If we do not complete the process in those streams, we may add more. The process is organic and we cannot predict what the Muses will require. Plan to book out 4 hours a week for five weeks if possible. But depending on your painting tempo - it could take more time. Be luxurious - book your schedule for 'studio time' with the Muse

The materials are yours to watch for up to one year. That said we do request that you TRY to finish in 5-7 weeks because it does alter your experience if you have long delays between connecting with the materials.

Is Legend for You? Shiloh Sophia answers

"This journey is for those who no longer want to hide what they know.

And for those who have been practicing for a while that wants to see what they know expressed in full-color form. The painting you create will be a real-time artifact, a record of what your futuristic archetype wishes to reveal to you at THIS point in your journey.

Intentional Creativity can take the invisible world and make it visible, from there we draw insight, and information and can adjust and calibrate. Far from being a mental process, this process is somatic, sensual, and filled with life force prowess."

Shiloh Sophia Drum

"A major life-shifting event that has the power to change how you see everything in your life." ~ J.L.

What is Legend All About?

What is identity anyway? Does anyone really know?

I mean, who are you REALLY? Our 2023 Legend theme is about the emergent being that you are, and how we all have these qualities of the invisible inner self (who we are as a soul) and the visible self (who we are out in the world).

These two worlds are often fragmented, but what happens when your inner narrator brings coherency to both of these worlds through art and writing?

Your story is yours to tell. The question is will you tell it and how? Claiming your archetypal presence and working with that energy to make up your own identity is the core of what we teach. You get to choose a fresh relationship with your identity and release the default settings, old patterns, and stories that weigh on you. Let's make them alive again by painting your Archeo-Futura Archetype and writing the story you want to tell. 

Andrew teaching during the MUSEA Prisma Intentional Creativity CertificationTraining

Andrew Johnstone is our Guest Teacher for Legend. He is a dear friend and chosen family member who Shiloh's husband Jonathan has known for many years.

Andrew is an astronomer, muralist, and educator with a gift of painting realistically and visionary, a combination that's hard to come by.

He will be sharing his awesome techniques with us as we paint the surface of a cave wall, as well as the cosmos, and dive deeper into skillset.

Why now vs later?

If you had the opportunity to shake things up, hit the reset button, and live a life aligned with who you are at a soul level, would you want to wait? If anything, these past few years have taught us that time is precious and life can change without notice. The right to self-expression is available to all of us. We just have to claim it for ourselves.

The Cosmic Cowgirls have been serving up Legendary Lives since 2008 with thousands taking the course. So for us, it feels life-altering and life-saving. Even those who have already taken LEGEND do it annually to refresh their deepest relationship, with themselves.

Every year students from around the world join us for an EPIC Painting Journey, a dive into the great mystery that happens when you wield the brush and the pen. What you create will have a huge impact, expanding your mind, heart, and ability to express your Legend Archetype within your daily life.

When you ACTIVATE your Archeo Futura, your path to a chosen personal revelation is at your fingertips. When you experience designing your own LEGEND you will have access to the thing we all desire - ACCESS TO YOUR OWN VOICE. As well as distinctions about what the voice is not, and how to recognize intruders in your psychic space and repair your own field.

The reckoning of the soul...

Every Legend offers a deeper storyline of work that is part of the soul development process. For Archeo Futura, the deeper work is a reckoning and reconciliation about how we live our lives out there with others, in our relationships, our business, our health and how that may be distinct from the 'self' we actually are as a soul.

The reckoning comes at a certain point when we know we have to do the work of reconciling because when we are living our lives in a way that is incoherent with the self and soul we are. Let's no longer compromise, and instead, heal the fragmentation. Listen to your own voice above and beyond other external voices to share your TRUE STORY that wants to be told...

If these paintings feel a little intimidating, that's totally normal. Shiloh Sophia has painted for over 25 years. While your painting will likely surprise you, this is not about making a pretty painting. It is about the alchemical process that happens as you commune with your inner world... And yes there is a step-by-step pathway that works every time we show up for the journey, and we will show you how...

LEGEND 2020, MYSTIC by Shiloh Sophia


"A ritualistic journey into the heart of the feminine story that reveals the hidden truths I have been seeking." - K.P.

Are you willing to go to the depths of your story?

What story do our ancient artist ancestors want us to know?

What if there is an ancient access and what if I told you I found the key?

Where will your story take you? No one will be sure but we are all showing up for the ride. Each of us is here to find our own form. Who are we and what are we doing here? What world will you create with your brush, pen, and community?

Finding your place in space is a birthright, journey, and invitation to ask yourself what is your identity. Do you know? Do you care? Will you shape it? Are you open to discovering your true colors?

What is the image of the future held within your heart? Let's find out together, shall we? Come to the adventure!

This introductory yet life-changing course is rooted in myth-making, image-making, causative and curative consciousness all applied through the framework of Intentional Creativity®.

LEGEND is designed for absolute beginners to experience a journey that will influence how every person sees themselves, their body, their story, and their archetype.

My name is Shiloh Sophia. I am a Teacher, Curator and have been teaching this class every year since I was 38 years old, it is that important to me and my body of work.

This annual event is my offering to the world and one of the most sacred gifts I know about. I learned it from my own mothers and now I share it with you and you can share it with others.

I see it as... If you don't tell your own story at this point in your life, someone else will do it for you. They already have been and will continue to do so until you say - NO MORE. This is my story to tell.

The LEGEND course shows you HOW to BECOME at cause for your own story.

You may wonder, "Just what kind of an online course could create this experience for me?" Good question.

We have created this entire website so you can explore it for yourself. Many are scared to try it because they feel they don't have what it takes. Yet we are telling you the reality right here:

Everyone deserves access to painting, storytelling, and a circle of supportive people to guide you along the path and keep you company.

Shiloh Sophia is the visionary founder of MUSEA: Intentional Creativity Museum and COSMIC COWGIRLS and THE LEGEND COURSE. She has a Museum and School called MUSEA, as well as a Gallery called Musette - both in Sonoma California. We bring education to our students both virtually and in person!

"I was new to painting, only having dabbled before, so it was a stretch and I could not believe what I was able to create." B.Y.

What can we tell you to guide you towards your yes?

To create this experience we use an approach to art-making called Intentional Creativity®. Basically, it means you make what you make with love and intention - but it becomes magical as you begin to explore.

During Legend, you will be able to paint a painting and write a story through intuition and a guided process that will knock your socks off!! Really, you won't believe your eyes and ears because you will amaze yourself. Consider this a chance to be amazing and daring in a brand new way.

Scary and risky? Yes.

Worth it? EVERY TIME.

Legend is our MOST POPULAR signature painting course. Our students take it over and over again because each year the theme changes and you change too! What will your brush discover as it meets the canvas?

Imagine creating a beautiful artist space for yourself - even if it's in your living room or bedroom - a dedicated place to set up your supplies and have some alone time with the Muse!

Don't worry if you are too busy because this course is designed to accommodate your schedule You will have access to ~ 10+ hours of video plus the option to connect with students via our private iMUSEA app. If you can block 4 hours a week for your creative practice, that's all you need! Legend is an invitation to change how you show up for what matters to you.

All the images and words you need are already inside. We will be here with the PATHWAY to find them. The access is granted through outrageous acts of daring - yes - creativity. We will show you how!

"We must move into the future, creating it as we go. We have been placed on the edge of history too long now. We have always been here." Painting and quote by Shiloh's mentor, Sue Hoya Sellars

Together we will explore, play, invent, and rock our canvases!

Here is what to expect.

  • PAINTING: Experience a 13 step Initiatory painting experience
  • MYTH-MAKING: Create a new story that reflects who you are and who you choose to become
  • TRANSFORMATIONAL: Access a larger-than-life version of yourself
  • RISKY: Brave uncharted territory in your inner world
  • POWER: Shake off old limiting taboos to Find Embodied Insight
  • CONNECTION: Experience the joy and support of the Intentional Creativity® Community of artists
Explore more details of the LEGEND course

"Legend brings many aspects of healing together in a way that nothing else has. Now I know what to do to transform my pain" A.L.


Great change, in life, doesn't happen through thinking about it over and over. Changing things like your worldview, frame of mind, outlook on life takes focus. To reduce stress levels, or to transform challenges into potentials requires that we show up. The greatest power many of us experience is being the author of our own future. By claiming the authority and tools to navigate our story and image, we move into co-creative power and gain access to intuition. This isn't about talent or knowing how to paint. Intentional Creativity® invites you to the hidden world within. What a wondrous world awaits for you to enter. You are invited. You will never regret spending this kind of time on WHO YOU ARE. You deserve it. Truly.

"One of the highlights of my life" Legend Student


"Do this for yourself, you will change your story. There is no looking back once you take charge of your Legend" Legend Student

Join us to experience the pleasure, the power, the prowess of a person in possession of her own identity.

Imagine being able to hear your own voice.

Reclaim your own self-image from your own eyes.

Inhabit the joy of feeling and experiencing your body as your own temple

Lean into the wholeness of your entire being, body, field, mind, heart, and soul.

Claim your healer archetype.

Create a story of you that YOU CURATE.

Are You Called to this Transformational Adventure?!

Are you feeling ready for a change?

You are in the right place.

This is what we are all about!

The revolution begins within. So does the painting.

Shiloh Sophia getting down with her Maverick painting. Splashing paint while jamming to your favorite tunes is what we do around here!

What Previous LEGEND Students have Created and Shared ...

Evelyne Verret

“Thank you, Shiloh Sophia! Your teachings changed my life many times in the last 9 years. I've done 3 Legends and signed up for VIVID cause I'm ready for the next shift. The last Legend Oracle and Ally was mind-blowing! Many symbols I painted in 2019 for Legend I saw happened in 2020 - I am the Oracle! My consciousness (sub and un- consciousness) already knew what was coming. This experience made me see myself in a new way. Thank you again!"

Painting: I Am The Oracle

Agia Priya Kaur

"Legend urged me to let go of control. I discovered feelings that I didn't know existed in me. I allowed myself to be. And I am still in the process of letting..."

Painting: Bride of Love

Thelia Foster

"Legend was wonderful and well-timed. I delved into the past, received visions of the future, and recorded it in the present. I'm eager to explore deeper and create more. Every woman should have this experience of developing a visual voice. It's not about your skills, those can be developed. It's about opening up to the voices of your higher selves in all their incarnations."

Painting: Earth Immortal

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