Shares from some of our past LEGEND students

Milagros Suriano-Rivera

The most powerful part of this course the power of receiving my ally and how the power in that knowing shifted how I perceived the journey.

I am Creator and Creation I am Genie and Bottle I am a Living Talisman I am Seeker and Wise Woman I am the Witness and the Witnessed I am Lover and Beloved I am Re-member my self in Saying Their Names I am the Mystery and the Knowing I am Living Miracle Destined to fill and feed souls To saturate the world with healing colors I live between the worlds In the seen and unseen The realm of my Mystic Legend

Painting: Malika: Queen of the 7 Feminine Powers

Anna Corsini

Legend is the truest Soul Healing experience, effectively reclaiming scattered pieces of ourselves. Through it, we give birth to our whole, most authentic Self, and a new chapter of our life begins, thanks to the strength of its transformative Essence. One cannot walk into this course and come back the same.

Painting: Embodying Red

Dena McKitrick

This piece really helped me put my former blocks to showing up fully in the world, and therefore my potential success, behind me as rightsized understandings.

I am Terra, of the Earth, grounded, vibrant, alive with passion for life and nurturing of all living things. I am Green Tara, the Mother of Liberation and the epitome of Compassion in Action as I bear the torch of passion of JOY in Life. I am she who acts from the wild and passionate heart in all things: empassioned, compassionate.

Painting: Terra Tara

Virginie Hentzienne

What most surprised me is how my Oracle, in all her fierceness, brought me to the most vulnerable part of myself that was in need of healing, acceptance at complete surrender to embody her Wisdom. She showed me that I was the only one responsible for the Sacred space of my heart and that setting healthy boundaries, even with the people I love the most, is necessary. I am learning now that I am required to integrate and fully own my voice and my power!

Painting: The Guardian

Agia Priya Kaur

Legend urged me to let go of control. I discovered feelings that I didn't know existed in me. I allowed myself to be. And I am still in the process of letting...

Painting: Bride of Love

Thelia Foster

Legend was wonderful and well-timed. I delved into the past, received visions of the future and recorded it in the present. I'm eager to explore deeper and create more. Every woman should have this experience of developing a visual voice. It's not about your skills, those can be developed. It's about opening up to the voices of your higher selves in all their incarnations.

Painting: Earth Immortal

Johanna Ringe 

What most surprised me about the Legend process was the powerful interaction between my painting and my everyday life... and the growing feeling of certainty that this is, in fact, me. Accessing different coexisting realities with such ease... glorious!   

Painting: Cosmea - She Who Knows 

Katy Morse 

During this Legend course of Oracle & Ally, I went on a magical journey and found surprises every step along the way. Shiloh’s encouragement to listen to my own wild wisdom helped me to access parts of myself that were buried, and reclaim what had been lost. Painting with Intentional Creativity® is transformative! My battle cry today is that I am the Oracle trusting heart wisdom, and my life is a magical journey!   

Painting: Magical Journey 

Heather Baker

My journey in Legend: Oracle & Ally took me to another level in my healing, and I savoured every step of the way. It was like popping a block of dark chocolate in my mouth and making it last as long as I possibly could. I honestly didn't want it to end. Exploring my writing in addition to painting was especially wonderful - I haven’t written like this since I was in my 20s. Thank you so very much, Shiloh Sophia and Stella Mac for such an extraordinary experience!

Painting: Cygnia

Sharon Handy 

This course invited me to explore my deepest truth and to find a voice to speak it out loud. And if that were not enough, I got to witness the amazing beauty of my classmates who were willing to share their stories and paintings along the way. AND you get to dress and take all of the fun photos you wish! I don't know if it can get any better than this!   

Painting: Grandmother Moon Unconditional Love

Evelyne Verret

I've done 3 Legends and signed up for VIVID cause I'm ready for the next shift. The last Legend Oracle and Ally was mind-blowing! Many symbols I painted in 2019 for Legend I saw happened in 2020 - I am the Oracle! My consciousness (sub and unconsciousness) already knew what was coming. This experience made me see myself in a new way.

Painting: I Am The Oracle

Christy Cozby 

This painting is one of the only projects I’ve 100% completed and completed with intention. It now serves as a record of the power I have to create in my life, and of the commitments I made to myself during the process. 

Painting: Sequoia 

Monika Tomczuk

What most surprised me was what emerged. This is my first large painting that is completely my own. So far, I've painted with Shiloh Sophia before but always following her designs. Here, the layers and layers, and more layers and the inquiry allowed for the emergence of my own legend, my own creativity, based on where I am in my journey right now. She emerged completely different than I envisioned or expected her to be. I'm learning to listen to what wants to show up, even if it may not be what my mind wants.

Painting: She who whispers with the wind

Helen Litwiler

One thing that shifted for me in Legend is my ability to listen to my internal voice and trust that she knows. I was also so aware of all of the support that is there for me and around me all the time. I can now relax and know deep inside I am loved. Legend was a very wonderful experience.

She Who Knows and took me to a place within, where I held my deepest hurts. Through this process, I have finally healed the pain I have carried my entire life. I would recommend this course to anyone in search of finding herself.

Painting: Rising of the Warrior

Latifa Lipton

This was such an amazing journey of heart and soul with so many insights and surprises. I was on the fence about taking the course but finally listened to my intuition and took the plunge and sooo happy I did. I continue to receive messages from my Oracle and Ally and am sure I will for a long time to come. So grateful to have found my Joy again and to continue to embody the lessons she is teaching. Thank you to everyone who has made this journey possible.

Painting: She who is Elder standing between Heaven and Earth in Divine Joy

Noni Gardner

My Legend experience has been transformational. My painting and I have been on such an incredible journey together. My imagination has been re-ignited, my awareness and contact with my inner wisdom have deepened. Even though I was very rusty as a writer, I enjoyed the experience of writing the chronicles equally as much as creating the painting. Love, love, loved creating my Legendary self.

Painting: Esmeralda

Leanne Swainson

Legend took me to a place within, where I held my deepest hurts. Through this process, I have finally healed the pain I have carried my entire life. I would recommend this course to anyone in search of finding herself.

Painting: Rising of the Warrior

Denise Woolfolk

This creative experience has been such a healing force in my life! I was able to honor my connection to Mother Earth and her many gifts for healing and expansion. I also gave honor to myself and Gratitude to Source during this process for the many Cosmic Gifts I possess to help uplift the Humanity. What most surprised me during this process was the lack of boundaries I had when it came to my daughters..28, 35 and 38 years old. I was paralyzed by FEAR! Fear of not being loved if I set clear boundaries. I was able to rediscover my voice from the purest essence of Love held within my heart, which allowed me to bravely set boundaries with no attachment to the outcome. I realize being True to myself allows others to expand according to their Truth and their own Soul Journey. I would suggest this course to anyone wanting to take a deep dive into Self Discovery.

Painting: Visuddha

Tara-Lea Harley

In Legend I learned to listen to the painting between brushstrokes.

Painting: Nothing is wasted

Rhonda Czuba

Painting: Queen. She who is protected and walks in courage and truth.

Nadya Vestella King

It was a blessing to witness my SiStars' paintings and process unfolding, as I painted my third Legend. Some elements were familiar, with new insights and information conning through. This is a wonderful journey for self-discovery and claiming one's path.

Painting: Raven's Beauty

Kirsty Halligan

Painting: Remember

Gina Rivers

Painting: Lady of Transformation

Karenna Lynn

Painting: Mother of Compassion

Darlene Cook

Legend was as big and powerful as I wanted and needed. She who knows, told me the truth and is out for all to see. Now I know I can take the wisdom I have learned, hang up my lantern, go out on a limb, be light and make my own path.

Painting: She who knows

Julie Lynn Ridenour

What surprised me most was how this Intentional Creativity® process led to deep knowing and profound healing. Thank you Shiloh Sophia and Team. I am forever grateful for this experience!  

Painting: Cosmic Truth Seeker

Peggy Davidoff

Legend was a journey that revealed mysteries that were at once surprising, as well as deeply familiar. It was a journey of awakening to a remembrance, to inner wisdom and guidance that is always (and has always been) with me.  

Painting: Inner Magic, Inner Light

Rhiannon Kimbrel

In Legend I realized that I am not alone. I was surprised when a mighty red dragon showed up behind me and then I realized it symbolized the strength I already had within me, and it was I who was watching out for me. My Oracle allowed me to see the light I have inside and the potential that is limitless!

Painting: She who Illuminates, She who is Infinite

Britanny Crist

Painting: She Who Is Limitless

Liz Durdin

Legend reminded me to shut out the noise of the outside world and listen deeply to the wisdom within. There I found my true self!

Painting: All She Needs is Within

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