The Cosmic Cowgirls Course

This course is brought to you by a collaboration between Musea University and the Cosmic Cowgirls, a woman, and girl-owned company founded in 2004 and is the root system of MUSEA Intentional Creativity®

Cosmic Cowgirls come from all over the cosmos exploring just what's possible when we get to be who we really are:

  • We are women who walk between the worlds ~ Bad Ass Mystics, Priestesses of Possibility, Poets of Insight, and Artists of Transformation, just to name a few of the wild archetypes hanging around the rodeo of the soul.
  • We call ourselves the Cosmic Cowgirls because that is what we are – women who have one barefoot on the good green earth and the other inside a cowgirl boot with shimmering stars.
  • We straddle the worlds and ride bare-back in the rodeo of the soul. We can often be found lassoing stardust to sprinkle onto our canvases and pages of poetry. We know there's lots of work to be done around this big ole' ranch aka world, and while we are chopping wood and carrying water we'll be darn sure you have a good time while you're at it.
  • We are a woman and girl-owned company with plans to survive and thrive into the next 7 generations.

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MUSEA University powered by Intentional Creativity® ignites a new era of change-makers, healing, visual artists, and thought leaders!

MUSEA University is a private university that offer educational classes, certifications, and a CURATE degree aligned with the field of Intentional Creativity®. Our University graduates ride the edge of the future in innovative education which includes the whole body, whole brain, and the whole beauty of human beings. Combining visual knowledge through image and language and experiential process creates a profound impact often not experienced in mind-based approaches that do not include the body. Creativity engages the whole person and gives them access to healing information and insights. We have over 600 hundred Intentional Creativity Educators, 30 thousand COMMUNITY Subscribers & Members in 8 countries who have a common vision to serve their communities, school systems, hospitals, prisons, mental health and social services, and institutions that need this transformative work.

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New Opportunities to Experience and Connect with MUSEA

500 Vision Year for a Quantum Commons and a Calling to Ceremonial Gathering following the Wheel of the Years

Offering seasonal ceremonies and story circles Guided by Curate Shiloh Sophia and the Guardians of Intentional Creativity®. We will gather virtually but also have in person gatherings. The ‘Quantum Commons is a way to refer to the idea that we gather in a common space/place when we come together in these sacred cycles. Learn more

As part of our mission to gather with women in circle to connect, care, create and tell stories, Shiloh Sophia offers monthly CURA Circles for Women at MUSETTE ATELIER - her Gallery and Workshop Space in Sonoma, California. If you are local to Sonoma or the Bay Area, we encourage you to pick a date and come. This offering is complimentary.