Are you a rebel with a cause?

How will you complete 2020 and begin 2021 in VIVID color?

Are you called to gather with creatives on a path of transformation?

Then join us for a weeklong global gathering with the Intentional Creativity
® Community.

November, 2020

The time to register and say "YES!", is right now!

If it feels right, why not trust your intuition, and jump on in?!

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Our Cosmic Cowgirls Founder and MUSEA: Intentional
Creativity Curator, Shiloh Sophia


A 7 Day Virtual Gathering Event Featuring
an ALL NEW LEGEND COURSE where you will...

  • Experience an Initiatory Ritual of Becoming through Quantum Mysticism
  • Brave Uncharted Territory through the Realms of the Visible and Invisible
  • Voyage to Seven Domains of the Feminine Psyche to Paint Your Archetype
  • Embody Sacred Activism and Liberate Inherent Wild Wisdom
  • Shake off Taboos to Find Your Own Embodied Insight
  • Write Your Own Poetic Mythos for the Future in a Cosmic Smash Book
  • Experience the Astonishing Power of Intentional Creativity® Community

VIVID 2020 is Intentionally Created and Brought to YOU by COSMIC COWGIRLS!!!

The host of VIVID 2020, Cosmic Cowgirls Founder and MUSEA: Intentional Creativity® Curator, Shiloh Sophia

Keynote Creative, Intentional Creativity® Teacher, and Founder of Cosmic Smash Booking, Catt Zelda Geller

with Master of Ceremonies

Anasuya Issacs

Mary MacDonald

We have an Incredible Circle of Cosmic Cowgirls and Oh So Cosmic Clever Collaborators, here to share their gifts and guide you in your VIVID experience, including musical talent!

Along with other amazingly talented women; Trish O'Malley, Elizabeth Gibbons, Tammra Harrison, Annette Wagner, Kate Langlois, Eileen Nash, and Katherine Witteman, Hobby Parent, and Katherine Torrini, Jassy Watson, Dr. Uma Mulnick, Elizabeth Gibbons, Trish O'Malley, Julia Witteman, Katie Witteman, Marnie Dangerfield, Mary Ann Matthys

A Rite of Passage

This wild ride of a year deserves a wild and sacred celebration, don't you think? How would it feel to gather with community and honor your experience? As well as chart the course for next year?

YES!!!!!? We thought so too!

So, we took our red thread and stitched together this virtual event as a Rites of Passage, to mark the threshold of 2020 and move into a new framework. The new framework will be designed by you, yet all of us will be doing this together through Quantum Connection accessing the tools of Intentional Creativity®.

This event will take you on a Voyage to claim yourself as a MYSTIC...

Are you Ready?

By the completion of our time together you will have an EPIC painting as well as a mythic writing and a new framework for looking through.

Mysticism does not belong to the few or the gifted. Mysticism is for anyone who chooses to fall in love with the mystery. To give yourself to the unknown as if it is the lover for whom you have always waited. There is no need to wait for someone to validate - because the work is inward and intimately personal. Taboos are shaken off with the wild and natural shudder of a deer. You become the iconographer of your own poetic mythos. Your symbols. Your patterns. Your passion.

One common thing among many of those we call mystics is that they make things: writings, paintings, drawings, songs, dances - they give themself an embodied expression. It is about them and the Divine. And if it blesses others, then it does - but it is personal before transpersonal. Devotion is different within mysticism, as it may not be about healing anyone else or the collective. Your devotion will take you into uncharted territory through the realms of the Visible and Invisible.

And delightfully, by the very nature of the seeking/finding/beingness of the mystic, the sharing of the work often invites others to their own states of ecstasy. A mystic engages often with both the sensuality and the intellect as one flow state, experiencing and interpreting the happening simultaneously through their cosmic framework.

Summoning the Guides by Shiloh Sophia

As an initiate into this mystical gathering, you will have a rare opportunity to be guided into a depth of creative alchemy and a liberation of wild wisdom, within a global context. You will discover how seven facets of your feminine mysteries can awaken you into real life. It may be no accident that we are confined to our geographical homes while holding the flaming phoenix. This may prove to be a masterful moment in your existence as you will indeed hold a key energy point in our planetary gathering of women of power who are in sacred activism using the astonishing quantum nature of Intentional Creativity®

And what will you become? Ahh, that is the treasure we seek. What we know for sure is that our lives will be enriched by the experience, by the companions, and by the artifacts that we create. We know that we can step into the shimmering doorway of 2021-- hearts blazing with the strength and inner knowing of our unique role/roles to play. When we can name it, we can own it. When we own it, we can dance it.

Your Mystical Sisters are gathering, bells are being polished, drums patted, flowers gathered. And there is a colorful cushion waiting for you in a big ole armchair -- to hold you as you tell your story. (And yes, there shall be chocolate!)

My silences had not protected me. Your silence will not protect you. But for every real word spoken, for every attempt I had ever made to speak those truths for which I am still seeking, I had made contact with other women while we examined the words to fit a world in which we all believed, bridging our differences.” – Audre Lorde

The VIVID 2020 Virtual Experience

To get the most out of this 7 day VIVID 2020 Experience your LIVE participation is encouraged! Here are a few more things you can expect.

  • Legend MYSTIC Cosmic Cowgirls 13-step Painting Course with Shiloh Sophia. - 8+ hours of video teachings, which you can download for lifetime access. *This is the pre-requisite course for Color of Woman 2021.
  • Cosmic Smash Booking Video Series with Catt Z. Geller - 4+ hours of video teachings also downloadable for lifetime access plus Catt will also be offering Cosmic Smash Book Sessions live.
  • Visual Journaling Process with Jenafer Joy - Keep the juices flowing and document your Legend journey.
  • Writing prompts with Mary MacDonald - to write your story for the future from the future and Mary will also be an MC and host.
  • Zoom Gatherings guided by Anasuya Isaacs, Semerit Strachen and Catt Zelda Geller
  • Show & Tell Circles with to come together during the VIVID 2020 Event to connect and share our process in sisterhood.
  • Access to Private iMusea app for gathering connect with your community
  • Four-Weeks of dedicated support from Intentional Creativity® Teachers
  • Dedicated Leadership for BIWOC participants guided by Semerit Strachan.
  • Invitation to the VIVID Virtual Museum Show as a part of Musea
  • Graduation Ceremony for Intentional Creativity® Teachers 2020 to honor and celebrate Intentional Creativity® Graduates from 2020 and previous years.

Example of Cosmic Smash Book taught by Catt Geller

Event Schedule, Materials and more...

What previous LEGEND students have said...

Evelyne Verret

“Thank you Shiloh Sophia! Your teachings changed my life many times in the last 9 years. I've done 3 Legends and signed up for VIVID cause I'm ready for the next shift. The last Legend Oracle and Ally was mind-blowing! Many symbols I painted in 2019 for Legend I saw happened in 2020 - I am the Oracle! My consciousness (sub and un- consciousness) already knew what was coming. This experience made me see myself in a new way. Thank you again! “

Painting: I Am The Oracle

Agia Priya Kaur

"Legend urged me to let go of control. I discovered feelings that I didn't know existed in me. I allowed myself to be. And I am still in the process of letting..."

Painting: Bride of Love

Thelia Foster

"Legend was wonderful and well-timed. I delved into the past, received visions of the future and recorded it in the present. I'm eager to explore deeper and create more. Every woman should have this experience of developing a visual voice. It's not about your skills, those can be developed. It's about opening up to the voices of your higher selves in all their incarnations."

Painting: Earth Immortal


View Full Curriculum

Over the seven days our intention is for you to feel connected, inspired, motivated, and to claim the challenges of 2020 in preparation for 2021.

As previously shared, our curriculum focuses on the idea of women being Mystics. Together we will visit the Seven Domains of the Feminine Psyche and bring them into a painting, a journal, a story and into community to be witnessed.

Painter. Priestess. Prophetess. Provocateur. Poet. Peacemaker and Psychic. They are all facets of your Archetype awaiting a visit from your consciousness and paintbrush

Sound fun? Daring? Are you shaking in your boots?

Intuitive painting with an intent to call forth the most potent aspects of your archetype yields astonishing results for thousands of women around the world.

Elements of the Mystic

"Nobody’s going to save you. No one’s going to cut you down, cut the thorns thick around you. No one’s going to storm the castle walls nor kiss awake your birth, climb down your hair, nor mount you onto the white steed. There is no one who will feed the yearning. Face it. You will have to do, do it yourself." - Gloria E. Anzaldua

Shiloh Sophia's most recent painting, Constellation of Wisdom: The 12,000-Year-Old Woman created in the Artifact Course on Medicine Painting, August 2020