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LEGEND 2021 Registration

Hosted by Cosmic Cowgirls and MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity®

Guided by Shiloh Sophia with Guest Teachers

Online Painting and Storytelling Journey

Upon registration, receive instant access to course videos to get started.

Painting support is available now through mid-September

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Your LEGEND 2021 Experience Includes:

  • Legend Cosmic Cowgirls 13-step Painting Course with Shiloh Sophia. 15+ hours of video teachings, which you can download for lifetime access.
  • Visual Journaling Process with Jenafer Owen to explore and deepen your relationship with your legendary self.
  • Writing prompts with Mary MacDonald to write your story for the future
  • Weekly Zoom Circles to connect and receive support from peers and faculty. These take place on Thursdays at 12pm or 4pm PT. The schedule will be shared with students. These are optional and recorded.
  • Private iMusea App to interact with fellow students and share your process
  • Six weeks of dedicated support in the App from Intentional Creativity Teachers who have taken Legend
  • Zoom Circle for Black, Indigenous or Women of Color guided by our BIWOC Leadership team
  • Meeting the prerequisite requirement for the Color of Woman 2022 Teacher Certification Training upon completion of your Legend painting.

Tuition: The cost of this course is $750 and we appreciate it when payment is made in full. We are also excited to offer payment plans as needed. You can split the balance into 4 payments of $212 or 6 payments of $141.

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*If you've taken Legend before use code alumni for 50% savings

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you do the course and do not experience a transformation in your story.

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Here are some visuals of the Legend videos you'll receive immediately upon registration. There is over 10 hours of video that you can download and keep for lifetime access.

Course Delivery: This course flows with your schedule and is designed for all time zones. The painting process is delivered via pre-recorded video that you can download and go at your own pace. For support and interaction with fellow students, there are optional weekly zoom calls and a private classroom in the iMusea app. To stay on pace with the course, we invite you to pick one studio day per week for 2-3 hours that works for your schedule.

Materials: You will need a minimum 30" x 40" canvas (2ft x 3ft), acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and some other painting materials. A full materials list will be provided upon registration so you can begin ordering supplies (you may also reference our general materials list)

Upon registration receive immediate access to a 45-minute introductory painting video with Shiloh Sophia about brushstrokes, color, technique and more!

About Scholarships: Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer tuition support to those in need. Our events involve a full staff of team and faculty members, mostly women, who are compensated through the income we receive. We are happy to support those called to study Intentional Creativity who have a financial need. To inquire about an extended payment plan or partial scholarship please contact

LEGEND is the prerequisite course for the Color of Woman 2022 Intentional Creativity Teacher Certification Training starting October 1st, 2021.
Enrollment is open now, request your invitation today!

If you take LEGEND and love the process enough that you are called to guide others to experience transformation and awakened consciousness through Intentional Creativity then you may be interested in becoming Certified through our 9-month Color of Woman Training to become an Intentional Creativity Teacher and member of our Guild. More information will be shared during Legend.

BIWOC Leadership

Our Musea Membership includes a BIWOC "Black, Indigenous and Women Of Color" Leadership Team guided by Intentional Creativity® Teachers, Semerit Strachan and Lauren Adorno-Weatherford.

Semerit Strachan

Lauren Adorno-Weatherford

If you identify as BIWOC, you are invited to attend monthly calls called "The Art of Women of Color", as well as join our private group in the iMusea App. To join, you must be a Musea Member. Learn about membership here. Partial scholarships are available.

Semerit and Lauren, along with Shiloh Sophia, are founding teachers for Re-Membering Community Circles for Mending Racialized Trauma as well as a Color of Woman Graduates. We are honored to have them with us to guide Culturally Specific groups within Legend and other Musea courses.

Shares from students who have painted with Shiloh Sophia

"I had never painted or drawn before this class. It was pandemic times and I needed a focus. Wow!! I'm still amazed at what came through me on to the canvas and what I learned about myself. I'm addicted to painting now. It's pure joy and expression." ~ Karen Berman, Legend Student

Carol E. Fairbanks

What surprised me the most was that this Legend painting was not an isolated creative experience, but rather it was part of a series of paintings. In 2019, I did three workshops with Nadya King where I painted three images that were included in this Legend journey. The Harvest Queen, the Cat Woman, and Vera, the Mermaid, were all helpers guiding me to my Legend experience with my ally, Eartha, the Benevolent Bear, and my oracle, Oracle of the Cherished Heart. These paintings tell of the preparation I experienced before going through the veil with my bear ally to meet my oracle. The essence of my Legend story was the healing of my heart and the transformation of my family clan wounding. I continue to be awed and very grateful for this wonderful creative experience, both the painting and the writing..... especially the writing.

Painting: The Cherished Brave Heart

Grace Vashti Solman

What surprised me most was how many shifts I actually experienced. I have been on a personal quest for most of my life and I have done a huge amount of work on many aspects of both inner and outer self-care. The Legend process opened me up to embrace allowing myself to speak and be heard..... and breaching an invisibility cloak which I was not willing to part with before. Although I will admit that being invisible is convenient sometimes, being overlooked and devalued is not!  

Painting: Cosmic Moon Mother 

Trish O'Malley

This Legend experience (my fourth) actually spoke to me about how I take for granted my luxuries and comforts. By acknowledging that part and even accepting it, I can feel greater gratitude and freedom. I had no idea why I would see a camel, an animal I have no history with and do not think about, but by the end I feel a deep connection to. Spits the camel and this clear-seeing woman. Legend is such a rich experience and not a luxury for me. It is essential nutrition and water for my soul.

Painting: Water is Sacred Here: Taureg Woman and Spits the Camel

Gunhild Lorenzen

In Legend I shifted from hiding to being seen.

Painting: I Am the Universe

Rhea Ruth Aitken

The Legend journey was the best gift I have ever given myself and has been one of the most profound creative experiences of my recent years. Combining all the treasured elements of my life, writing, creativity and divine feminine spirituality into one sacred container from which I have emerged joyous, renewed and reawakened. I am filled with gratitude for this course and recommend it highly.

Painting: The Mystic Creatress

Natalie Moyes:

I've already laughed, cried, drummed, smashed, roared, heard my name sung, meditated, soul searched, ...and painted!

There's paint on my clothes, paint on the walls, paint on the floor, paint on a faucet, paint on my phone, paint on my hands, chin and inside my shirt (I have no idea...) and yes some of it did end up on the canvas.

This is step 2 of a 13 step painting process called Legend. We are looking deep inside and exploring our archetypes. It will not resemble this at all by the time I'm done. And, come to think of it, I may not resemble me either!

Born This Way: Shiloh Sophia's Self Portrait Legend Painting